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Technology Enables the Bee and the Pear Industries to Develop

Source: Institute of Apicultural Research

On April 6th, "Bee pollination technology for pear trees workshop and on-site meeting " was jointly held by the Institute of Apicultural Research of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences(IARCAAS), Apicultural Science Association of China (ASAC) and Shanxi Province.



Pear trees blossom indicates spring comes. Thousands of white pear blossom on the branches attract bees to the flowers. Participants learned about the necessity, superiority and specific measures of pear bee pollination at the pollination site, pollination situation of local pear trees, transferring pollination technology, etc. It provides a valuable chance to feel the feasibility, safety and economy of bees as pear tree pollinating insect at close range.


The seminar conducted an in-depth discussion on the reasons and history for pear tree pollination, crop bee pollination and pest control techniques. It pointed out that IARCAAS will further research, enhance technology training and promote the pear tree pollination of the whole industry chain, collaborating with Shanxi Agricultural University and other institutions. It targeted to transform scientific and technological innovation to production practice, and to create the pear tree pollination as an important example of green development in Shanxi.


It is reported that pears are strictly cross-pollinated fruit crops, which need different varieties of pollen to pollinate in order to bear fruit. Therefore, pollination has become an important step in pear production. How to achieve efficient and high-quality pollination during flowering period is particularly crucial for pear tree pollination. IARCAAS has carried out joint research in Shanxi, Beijing, Xinjiang and other places for many years, effectively solved the technical problem of bee pollination for pear trees, and integrated the promotion mode of bee pollination and green pest control technology for pear trees.


More than 60 delegates from National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center, IARCAAS, ASAC, Shanxi Agricultural University and Qi County government participated in the activity.


By Qi Yanzhou (qiyanzhou@caas.cn)