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JIA Special Issue “Paths out of Poverty” Released by AII

Source: Agricultural Information Institute

On April 16th, the Agricultural Information Institute (AII) of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and the Journal of Integrative Agriculture (JIA) jointly released the JIA Special Issue “Paths out of poverty” at the National Agricultural Library in Beijing.



For the past year, twenty papers have been selected across four sections, namely encompassing poverty governance and international experience, poverty alleviation through industrial development, innovation and inclusive development for poverty alleviation, and poverty alleviation through social safety net programs.


The release of the special issue “Paths out of poverty” will not only facilitate the sharing of global poverty alleviation experience, but also enhance the influence of Chinese academic research on poverty alleviation and provide Chinese wisdom and Chinese solutions to global poverty alleviation.


In his welcome remarks, Dr. Mei Xurong, Vice President of CAAS said that enabling the developing world to share knowledge, learn from experiences, and identify opportunities to collaborate with each other in the field of poverty alleviation is part of the global initiative to achieve No Poverty – the first Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations.



Professor Nie Fengying, Deputy Director General of AII & Deputy Director General of the Center for International Agricultural Research, CAAS pointed out that the successful experience of China provides the world with its diverse approaches to addressing poverty, such as industrial development, health and education enhancement, proper governance, preventing poverty passing on to the next generation, and building digital systems and e-commerce value chains. Dr. Nie also suggested that we should continue to consolidate mechanisms for poverty alleviation; and this is exactly the purpose for compiling this Special Issue.



By Dong Jiaxin (dongjiaxin@caas.cn)