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International Symposium on Agrobiodiversity for Sustainable Development
3 - 4 June 2013, Beijing, China

Agricultural biodiversity is an essential component of food and nutrition security, environmental protection, income generation and sustainable development. It includes all biological diversity associated with food and agriculture. Agricultural biodiversity is the foundation of the ecosystem services and both are needed for sustainable production. Ecosystem services provide invaluable services such as pollination and pest control, and they also regulate the hydrological flow and water quality. The multiple functions provided by agricultural biodiversity are being increasingly acknowledged for their contribution to sustainably improving farmer well-being while maintaining agroecosystem health. To this end, Bioversity International and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences are organizing the International Symposium on Agrobiodiversity for Sustainable Development that will take place on June 3 -4 in Beijing, China.

For more information about the objectives, expected outputs, programme and registration of the Symposium, please download the brochure.